Domain-based PPI network by Weighted Mutual Information (WMI)

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Functional protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks elucidate molecular pathways underlying complex phenotypes, including those of human diseases. Protein domain is a functional unit of the protein. Therefore, we may effectively infer functional interactions between proteins based on the co-occurrence of domains. Here, we present a method for inferring accurate functional PPIs based on the similarity of domain composition between proteins by weighted mutual information (WMI) that assigned different weights to the domains based on their genome-wide frequencies.

Citation : Jung Eun Shim and Insuk Lee, Weighted mutual information analysis substantially improves domain-based functional network models. Bioinformatics 2016 Sep 15;32(18):2824-30

Contact Information : Insuk Lee (insuklee[at]yonsei[dot]ac[dot]kr)

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