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(Graduate Students)
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{|border="0"  width="800"
{|border="0"  width="800"
|align="center" |[[File:heonjong.jpg|70px|link=people:HJ_Han]]
|align="center" |[[File:People_KSKim.jpg|70px|link=people:KS_Kim]]
|align="center" |[[File:People_KSKim.jpg|70px|link=people:KS_Kim]]
|align="center"|[[File:배다솜.jpg|70px|link=People:DS Bae]]
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|align="center"|[[people:HJ_Han|<big>'''Heonjong Han'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[people:KS_Kim|<big>'''Kyungsoo Kim'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[people:KS_Kim|<big>'''Kyungsoo Kim'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[People:DS Bae|<big>'''Dasom Bae'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[People:CY Kim|<big>'''Chan Yeong Kim'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[People:CY Kim|<big>'''Chan Yeong Kim'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[People:J_Cho|<big>'''Jae Won Cho'''</big>]]
|align="center"|[[People:J_Cho|<big>'''Jae Won Cho'''</big>]]
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|align="center"|[[People:HJ_Han|PhD candidate<br/>(2013.3 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:KS_Kim|PhD candidate<br/>(2013.3 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:KS_Kim|PhD candidate<br/>(2013.3 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:DS Bae|PhD course<br/>(2014.9 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:CY Kim|PhD candidate<br/>(2015.3 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:CY Kim|PhD candidate<br/>(2015.3 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:J_Cho|PhD candidate<br/>(2016.9 - )]]
|align="center"|[[people:J_Cho|PhD candidate<br/>(2016.9 - )]]

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Principal Investigator

Insuk Lee

Research Staff

Smyang.jpg SYLee.jpg MYLee.png
Sunmo Yang Sangyoung Lee Muyoung Lee
& Sys. Admin
Research Assistant
Research Staff

Graduate Students

People KSKim.jpg Cykim.PNG Cho JW.png Shlee profile.png
Kyungsoo Kim Chan Yeong Kim Jae Won Cho Sungho Lee
PhD candidate
(2013.3 - )
PhD candidate
(2015.3 - )
PhD candidate
(2016.9 - )
PhD course
(2017.3 - )

Undergraduate Students

  • Junha Cha
  • Seungbyn Baek
  • Nayeon Kim
  • Il Seok Choi


  • Former Post-docs and Staff Scientists
    • Taeyun Oh (2009.5-2011.12), currently Deputy Principal Consultant (인실리코젠 생명정보분석컨설턴트), INSILICOGEN, Korea
    • Sohyun Hwang (2010.3-2015.8), currently Assistant Professor (차의과대학 의과학과 교수), Department of Biomedical Science, CHA University, Korea
    • Samuel Beck (2011.2-2011.12), currently Assistant Professor of Computational Biology, The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Maine, USA (미국 MDI 생명과학연구소 교수), Lab Homepage
    • Jawon Song (2011.1-2012.5), currently Research Associate (미국 텍사스슈퍼컴퓨팅센터 선임연구원), Texas Advanced Computing Center, Austin, TX, USA
    • Yoonhee Ko (2012.8-2014.2), currently Assistant Professor (한국외국어대 바이오공학과 교수), Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
    • Jonghoon Lee (2013.10-2014.2), currently Assistant Professor (차의과대학 식품생명공학과 교수), Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, CHA University, Korea
    • Jung Eun Shim (2009.8-2017.11), currently Researcher at Yonsei Genomics Center Bioinformatics Data Analysis Core (연세의료원 유전체센터 생명정보분석코어 선임연구원)
  • Former Graduate Students (PhD)
    • Junha Shin (2008.9-2014.2), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison (미국 위스콘신대 박사후연구원), USA Roy Lab
    • Hanhae Kim (2008.9-2015.2), PhD; currently Associate Research Fellow (한국과학기술기획평가원 부연구위원), Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
    • Ara Cho (2008.9-2015.2), PhD; currently Associate Research Fellow (한국과학기술기획평가원 부연구위원), Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
    • Eiru Kim (2010.9-2016.8), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA (미국 엠디앤더슨암센터 박사후연구원) Hart Lab
    • Tak Lee (2011.3-2017.2), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, Sainsbury Laboratory at University of Cambridge, UK (영국 케임브리지대학 박사후연구원) Oldroyd Lab Ahnert Lab
  • Former Graduate Students (Master)
    • Sun-Gou Ji (2009.9-2011.8), M.Eng.; PhD from University of Cambridge (Sanger Genome center); currently R&D engineer at Seven Bridges, USA
    • Hyojin Kim (2013.3-2015.2), M.Eng.; currently Bioinformatics Scientist, Aachen University, Germany
    • Hongseok Shim (2013.9-2015.8), M.Eng.;
    • Sunmo Yang (2014.9-2017.2), M.Eng. currently Bioinformatics programmer, Yonsei University
    • Muyoung Lee (2016.3-2018.2), M.Eng. currently Research staff, Yonsei University
  • Former Visiting Scientists/Students
    • Minkyung Shin (2012.3-2012.7), went to University of Southern California graduate school
    • Paul Chung (2012 summer), currently E-Commerce Analyst/Coordinator at Riot Games, USA
    • Susie Shin (2013 summer)
    • Hyunjin Cho (2014 summer), currently Bioinformatics research assistant at The Lieber Institute for Brain Development | LIBD, USA
    • Michael Chung (2016.8-2016.12), currently work at Facebook, USA
  • Former Undergraduate Students
    • Ila Shin, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Yoonkyung Ko
    • Sangyo Park, went to law school (Kyounghee Univ.)
    • Jayoon Shin, went to medical school (Pusan National Univ.)
    • Dongjoo Sun, went to dental school (Wongwang Univ.)
    • Eulsoo Kim
    • Myungwhan Lee, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Moonhee Lee, went to graduate school (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Jinhyun Ju, went to graduate school (Cornell Medical School, Computational Systems Biology); Currently Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina, San Diego, USA (현재 미국 Illumina 본사 근무)
    • Haeyoung Shin, went to graduate school (Brown University, Computational Neuroscience)
    • Joonghee Soh, went to graduate school (KAIST, Culture Technology)
    • Hee Jung Cho, went to graduate school (UC Berkeley)
    • TaeHwan Kim, went to medical school
    • Joohyung Kim, went to medical school (Kyungpook National Univ.)
    • Donghyun Shin, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Byunghee Kang (2015 spring - 2016 summer), went to graduate school (PosTech)
    • Sunphil Kim (2016 winter)
    • Jaeho Shim (2016 winter)
    • Seunghyun Shin (2016 spring)
    • Aejoo Hong (2016 spring)
    • Changbae Bang (2016 summer), went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Seoyoung Choi (2016 summer)
    • Dabin Jung (2016 summer)
    • Boreum Nam (2016 summer)
    • Seungun Lee (2016 summer)
    • Yeaji Kim (2016 summer and fall)
    • Sangyoung Lee (2017 winter)
    • Heejun Jang (2017 winter & spring), went to KIST as Research Assistant
    • Jungha Lee, went to graduate school (2017 summer), went to graduate school (Seoul National Univ.)
    • Seunghyun Wang, went to graduate school (2017 summer) went to graduate school (KAIST)
    • Dong-Min Yang (2017 fall)
    • Doo-Hee Lee (2017 fall)
    • Suk-Jae Han (2018 winter)
    • Ji-Eun Han (2018 winter)
    • Yuri Ko (2018 spring)
    • Sung-Woo Kim (2018 spring)
    • Woosung Kwon (2018 summer)
    • Soyun Kong (2018 summer)
    • Hojeong Keum (2018 summer and fall)
    • Sungjun Lim (2018 summer and fall)
    • Jiyoon Lee (2018 summer and fall)
    • Junik Park (2019 winter)
    • Lee Yoo (2019 winter & spring)
    • Yeonwha Kim (2019 winter & spring)
    • Sohee Kim (2019 spring)
    • Juseong Lee (2019 spring)
    • Junyoung Yang (2019 summer)
    • Junyoung Ma (2019 summer)
    • Dayun Jung (2019 summer)
    • Hanjoon Kim (2019 summer)
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