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Principal Investigator

Insuk Lee

Research Staff

Smyang.jpg SYLee.jpg MYLee.png
Sunmo Yang Sangyoung Lee Muyoung Lee
& Sys. Admin
Research Assistant
Research Staff

Graduate Students

People KSKim.jpg Cykim.PNG Cho JW.png 2019 sungho.png Who.png 나연.png Who.png
Kyungsoo Kim Chan Yeong Kim Jae Won Cho Sungho Lee Junha Cha Nayeon Kim Seungbyn Baek
PhD candidate
(2013.3 - )
PhD candidate
(2015.3 - )
PhD candidate
(2016.9 - )
PhD course
(2017.3 - )
Master's course
(2019.9 - )
Master's course
(2019.9 - )
Master's course
(2019.9 - )

Undergraduate Students

  • Il Seok Choi


  • Former Post-docs and Staff Scientists
    • Taeyun Oh (2009.5-2011.12), currently Deputy Principal Consultant (인실리코젠 생명정보분석컨설턴트), INSILICOGEN, Korea
    • Sohyun Hwang (2010.3-2015.8), currently Assistant Professor (차의과대학 의과학과 교수), Department of Biomedical Science, CHA University, Korea
    • Samuel Beck (2011.2-2011.12), currently Assistant Professor of Computational Biology, The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Maine, USA (미국 MDI 생명과학연구소 교수), Lab Homepage
    • Jawon Song (2011.1-2012.5), currently Research Associate (미국 텍사스슈퍼컴퓨팅센터 선임연구원), Texas Advanced Computing Center, Austin, TX, USA
    • Yoonhee Ko (2012.8-2014.2), currently Assistant Professor (한국외국어대 바이오공학과 교수), Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
    • Jonghoon Lee (2013.10-2014.2), currently Assistant Professor (차의과대학 식품생명공학과 교수), Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, CHA University, Korea
    • Jung Eun Shim (2009.8-2017.11), currently Researcher at Yonsei Genomics Center Bioinformatics Data Analysis Core (연세의료원 유전체센터 생명정보분석코어 선임연구원)
  • Former Graduate Students (PhD)
    • Junha Shin (2008.9-2014.2), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison (미국 위스콘신대 박사후연구원), USA Roy Lab
    • Hanhae Kim (2008.9-2015.2), PhD; currently Associate Research Fellow (한국과학기술기획평가원 부연구위원), Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
    • Ara Cho (2008.9-2015.2), PhD; currently Associate Research Fellow (한국과학기술기획평가원 부연구위원), Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
    • Eiru Kim (2010.9-2016.8), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA (미국 엠디앤더슨암센터 박사후연구원) Hart Lab
    • Tak Lee (2011.3-2017.2), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, Sainsbury Laboratory at University of Cambridge, UK (영국 케임브리지대학 박사후연구원) Oldroyd Lab Ahnert Lab
    • Heonjong Han (2011.1~2019.8), PhD; currently Postdoc Fellow, National Cancer Center, Korea (국립암센터 박사후연구원) NCC
  • Former Graduate Students (Master)
    • Sun-Gou Ji (2009.9-2011.8), M.Eng.; PhD from University of Cambridge (Sanger Genome center); currently R&D engineer at Seven Bridges, USA
    • Hyojin Kim (2013.3-2015.2), M.Eng.; currently Bioinformatics Scientist, Aachen University, Germany
    • Hongseok Shim (2013.9-2015.8), M.Eng.;
    • Sunmo Yang (2014.9-2017.2), M.Eng. currently Bioinformatics programmer, Yonsei University
    • Muyoung Lee (2016.3-2018.2), M.Eng. currently Research staff, Yonsei University
  • Former Visiting Scientists/Students
    • Minkyung Shin (2012.3-2012.7), went to University of Southern California graduate school
    • Paul Chung (2012 summer), currently E-Commerce Analyst/Coordinator at Riot Games, USA
    • Susie Shin (2013 summer)
    • Hyunjin Cho (2014 summer), currently Bioinformatics research assistant at The Lieber Institute for Brain Development | LIBD, USA
    • Michael Chung (2016.8-2016.12), currently work at Facebook, USA
  • Former Undergraduate Students
    • Ila Shin, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Yoonkyung Ko
    • Sangyo Park, went to law school (Kyounghee Univ.)
    • Jayoon Shin, went to medical school (Pusan National Univ.)
    • Dongjoo Sun, went to dental school (Wongwang Univ.)
    • Eulsoo Kim
    • Myungwhan Lee, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Moonhee Lee, went to graduate school (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Jinhyun Ju, went to graduate school (Cornell Medical School, Computational Systems Biology); Currently Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina, San Diego, USA (현재 미국 Illumina 본사 근무)
    • Haeyoung Shin, went to graduate school (Brown University, Computational Neuroscience)
    • Joonghee Soh, went to graduate school (KAIST, Culture Technology)
    • Hee Jung Cho, went to graduate school (UC Berkeley)
    • TaeHwan Kim, went to medical school
    • Joohyung Kim, went to medical school (Kyungpook National Univ.)
    • Donghyun Shin, went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Byunghee Kang (2015 spring - 2016 summer), went to graduate school (PosTech)
    • Sunphil Kim (2016 winter)
    • Jaeho Shim (2016 winter)
    • Seunghyun Shin (2016 spring)
    • Aejoo Hong (2016 spring)
    • Changbae Bang (2016 summer), went to medical school (Yonsei Univ.)
    • Seoyoung Choi (2016 summer)
    • Dabin Jung (2016 summer)
    • Boreum Nam (2016 summer)
    • Seungun Lee (2016 summer)
    • Yeaji Kim (2016 summer and fall)
    • Sangyoung Lee (2017 winter)
    • Heejun Jang (2017 winter & spring), went to KIST as Research Assistant
    • Jungha Lee, went to graduate school (2017 summer), went to graduate school (Seoul National Univ.)
    • Seunghyun Wang, went to graduate school (2017 summer) went to graduate school (KAIST)
    • Dong-Min Yang (2017 fall)
    • Doo-Hee Lee (2017 fall)
    • Suk-Jae Han (2018 winter)
    • Ji-Eun Han (2018 winter)
    • Yuri Ko (2018 spring)
    • Sung-Woo Kim (2018 spring)
    • Woosung Kwon (2018 summer)
    • Soyun Kong (2018 summer)
    • Hojeong Keum (2018 summer and fall)
    • Sungjun Lim (2018 summer and fall)
    • Jiyoon Lee (2018 summer and fall)
    • Junik Park (2019 winter)
    • Lee Yoo (2019 winter & spring)
    • Yeonwha Kim (2019 winter & spring)
    • Sohee Kim (2019 spring)
    • Juseong Lee (2019 spring)
    • Junyoung Yang (2019 summer)
    • Junyoung Ma (2019 summer)
    • Dayun Jung (2019 summer)
    • Hanjoon Kim (2019 summer)
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