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Sunmo Yang

Bioinformatics Programmer / Server Administrator (2010-Current)

  • M.E. Graduate Program in Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering, Yonsei Univ. Major in Biotechnology. (2014.9-2017.2)
  • B.M. Dept. of Management, Korea National Open Univ. (2009-2014)
  • Dept. of Natural Science, Yonsei Univ. (1998-2007)
  • Leadon (2006-2007, Web agency of Eland group)
    • E-marketing
  • Pixdine (2005-2006, Web Agency)
    • Server Admistration (Windows/Linux/Network) and Web development
    • Projects: Coca-cola Korea (Fanta, Cokeplay), Audi Korea


  • Yang S*, Kim CY, Hwang S, Kim E, Kim H, Shim H, Lee I**, COEXPEDIA: exploring biomedical hypotheses via co-expressions associated with medical subject headings (MeSH). Nucleic Acids Research 2017 Jan 4; 45(D1):D389-D396
  • Eiru Kim*, Dasom Bae*, Sunmo Yang*, Gunhwan Ko, Sungho Lee, Byungwook Lee**, Insuk Lee**. BiomeNet: A database for construction and analysis of functional interaction networks for any species with a sequenced genome. Bioinformatics 2020 Mar 1:36(5):1584-1589
  • Sungho Lee*, Tak Lee*, Sunmo Yang and Insuk Lee**, BarleyNet: a network-based functional omics analysis server for cultivated barley, Hordeum vulgare L. Frontiers in Plant Science 2020 Feb 18;11:98
  • Kyungsoo Kim*, Sunmo Yang, Sang-Jun Ha, Insuk Lee**, VirtualCytometry: a webserver for evaluating immune cell differentiation using single-cell RNA sequencing data. Bioinformatics 2020 Jan 15;36(2):546-5512020 Mar 1:36(5):1584-1589
E-mail : wool100(at)
  • Interest
    • New mobile gadgets
    • Cloud Computing, Virtual Computing
    • W3C's Standards
  • Available Skills
    • Linux / Windows Server Administration
    • Cisco Routers & Alteon L4 Switches Administration
    • Coding Web Markup Language HTML/CSS
    • ASP / / C / PHP / Perl / Python / Java
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